WGDFAS Young Arts mosaic project 2017

In 2016 in co-operation with Peartree Primary School we made plans to sponsor a whole school mosaic project.
On the 20th February our mosaic artist Jane Visick came to the school for a mosaic assembly.
DSCF2139x  Detail from completed mosaic First stages1x  first stages (1) first stages 2x  first stages (2) first stages9x  first stages (3)
filling in3x  filling in (1) filling in 4x  filling in (2) filling in 7x  filling in (3) ready for grouting 1x  ready for grouting (1)
ready for grouting 5x  ready for grouting (2) nearly there 2x  nearly there (1) nearly there 5x  nearly there (2) nearly there 6x  nearly there (3)
completing 1x  completing (1) completing 4x  completing (2) DSCF2134x  Peartree primary school pupils DSCF2137x  WGDFAS vice chairman and Young Arts representative, Cheryl Kellaway, with Jane Visick, the mosaic artist
DSCF2130x  The finished mosaic DSCF2138x  The finished project